Marina Grigoryeva

  • Artist
  • New York

Making art has always been my secret language. As long as sometimes its better to express through movement rather than speech. It’s more universal. And movement may be fixed in image.

Where do I get my inspiration from? It can be everything. What my art is about? It is about everyday life in connection with dream life, sensations in the body, feelings, memory, mind, spiritual revelations.

I try to experiment with mediums. Sometimes the whole process of making art is more significant for me than the final result. When I create I become totally involved in it, I live the life of this stroke, this color, this canvas, and I observe interactions and influences of mediums.


Freelance artist at James Stanley Designs,

July 2011 – February 2013 New York, NY

Worked as a part of a team of interior design company, being a freelance artist and making commissioned art works specifically designed for a certain designer plan.