PAINTINGS 2010 – 2013

acrylic on canvas, end of 2013
Based on the vision and emotional state received during a singing bowl and gong meditation a few days before. Now this painting gracefully resides in the natural settings of the upstate New York woodlands, as a part of a natural environment of my visionary friends' settlement. :)

acrylic on canvas
Commissioned artwork, serves the purpose of a reminder: there’s something more to us, people, than just this flashy bodies :)

ABSTRACT MOVEMENT OF THE BRUSH ON CANVAS (Appears to be a dock with boats), 2012
acrylic on canvas.
Really fast painting, “on one breath”, made me feel really happy.
Part of a private collection, served as an exchange for the rent in the same person’s apartment :) great to have landlords art-appreciators :D

BIG BANG, end 2012
acrylic on canvas
Way before I heard all that story about the “end of the world”, that’s my emotional state at that time. With no intention to make a certain image, it as if “just appeared on the canvas”. The face appearing through the struggle of heavy bloody red, and the light bursting out of the crack between the parts of the old struggle and dark times, as if floating; when I saw it coming out on the canvas, it gave me such a peaceful, calm feeling; like a spiritual ancestors, teachers, myths and archetypes all at ones combined in that image, giving a sense of relief, promising that all is good. When I heard all that stories about the end of the world, I really understood how we are all connected, and how I actually tapped into something really sacred and whole, and this painting is a reflection of our collective subconscious state at that time. I left it this way for a few years, and in 2016 I returned to it to make finishing touches as it always seemed to me, it’s not done.
This painting is dear to me for its intensity and the personal story behind.

WATER, 2012
acrylic on canvas
Tapping into collective subconscious through my personal subconscious and the flow of emotions at that time, it reflects the movement of life, the swirl of events, feelings, multidimensional traveling and stuff like that. Notice a little spark of light (angel?) in the bottom of the painting, like a mark, showing the direction of the movement, it seems to be still but may be moving, or just reflecting on, either past or apparent future, or just observing the state within as it is at that moment in some time and space…

Mountains 3

Mountains 2

Mountains 1

Blue Hole in Red Fire, Acrylic on Canvas stretched on board, 8"x10"

Desert Crude, Acrylic on Canvas stretched on board, 8"x10"

Bird Spirit, Acrylic on Canvas, 16"x20"